CLS TEXTILE is a corporate enterprise that Works according to quality management systems and continuous improvement principles. Its actively analyzes all process stage with optimum duration and based on the best quality production model. The following stages have been simplified. İt is a more process in imglementation.


  • Supply Chain from Istanbul to Ordu
  • Domestic equipment procure and delivery


  • Control of fabric
  • Laid of fabric
  • Labeller and Control


  • Printing- graphic working and control
  • (design-silk pattern-fabric Swatch card)
  • Sample table printing work
  • Products coming out of machine and fixed and product shipped to sewing deparment in a controlled manner


  • Pre-control
  • Cleaning and controlling the product coming
  • The products that pass the control without problem are packed, then loaded into the vehicles ready for shipment.


  • Measurement and optic control
  • İroning
  • Price and label
  • Cuttle
  • Gelatinise
  • Neddle detector
  • Packing on assortment table
  • Labelling
  • Shipment

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