CLS Tekstil was founded in 2011 by Recep Çalış and Eyüp Çalış.

CLS TEKSTİL, which started its first production in an area of ​​2 thousand square meters in Gürgentepe district of Ordu, today has a warehouse of 2 thousand square meters, a closed area of ​​4 thousand square meters in Ordu / Gürgentepe, 6 thousand 500 square meters of closed area in Ordu / Gölköy, 7 thousand square meters closed area  in Ordu / Altınordu.  It carries out production in its integrated factories with a wide spread, including a closed area of ​​one thousand square meters.

Since the day it was founded, CLS Tekstil has improved its process management day by day with the philosophy of continuous innovation and constant change.  With years of experience and knowledge, it has reached a structure that opens to the whole world from Ordu today.  It is to produce at high standards with its original design, up-to-date machine park, trained workforce and dynamic structure.

CLS TEKSTİL, which started out with 200 colleagues saying that investment in people is the most important investment, has turned into a big family with its professional staff of 1,200 people.  As long as human exists, it continues its development.  Within this principle, CLS TEKSTİL adapts its human resources policy to continuous improvement and change.

CLS TEKSTİL, which adopts the principle of producing better at the first time and every time in the production process, always keeps its processes dynamic in order to deliver the best product to its stakeholders.  The only indispensable and unchanging policy is quality.

In our facilities, the technology required by the age has been adapted to our facilities in the stages of modeling, cutting, printing, sewing, ironing and packaging.  In a total of 1,750 square meters cutting track, 4 spreading tables and 2 cutting machines are carefully cut.  Printing operations continue with 3 octopus printing machines and 2 dryers in the 750 square meter printing track.  Altınordu Integrated Facility operates with 9 sewing lines in a total of 8 thousand square meters of sewing track in our Gürgentepe and Gölköy factories.  After all products are ironed and packaged, after the final tests, a fast shipment is made to our stakeholders with our transportation vehicles consisting of 2 trucks, 1 truck and 1 van.

Our family of 1,200 people, in our facilities with a total area of ​​18,500 square meters, produces 850 thousand textiles per month and more than 10 million per year with our up-to-date machinery.

CLS Tekstil has the vision of a company that offers innovative, quality products and services that are sensitive to the environment and human health.  In this context, its processes are documented with ISO 9001 quality standards, the environmental management system and many quality certificates.  In addition, many awards we have received have crowned my success.

CLS TEXTILE, mingled with great knowledge and cultural heritage from the past, hard-working labor force family, current technology equipment with machines and the army with high quality standards to Turkey and from Turkey is proud of making production in the world.